We are stoked to have you come in,

Before we get started, lets get some details.

The number of people necessary to record/attend session.

  • All Deposits made for time reservations are to be deducted off of the final bill.

  • Deposits are nonrefundable if canceled within 48 hours of time before reserved start time.

  • Time reservation will be confirmed via google calendar invite, & will be scheduled for previously agreed upon time, which will vary depending on studio, engineer, and client's availability.

  • We encourage you to be prompt. Session time starts at
    the time your session is scheduled. No exceptions. 

What service will we be providing?

Which Engineer will you be working with?

Does your project require us to have any files?


Tel: (612) 564-9266

(612) 564-9266

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Sessions, Services, and Rentals are available by Appointment Only.